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We give briefings to senior leadership or large private audiences on specific topics of interest.

Recent topics include: 

Getting India right 

  • We provide the necessary context to understand to the rise of India from the world's next great market to the next major navy.


Make in India and Made in China 2025

  • We discuss how India and China are building their industrial base and what it means for investors and global industry.


India and China, rivals or partners? 

  • We provide an outlook for China-India relations and its implications for the nations of the Indo-Pacific and the United States.


Geopolitics of the Indian Ocean

  • We discuss the maritime rise of China and India, and how this will change the world’s strategic balance.

China’s challenges for economic growth 

  • We discuss competing narratives in the world’s most ambitious state-led economy and what it means for investors and businesses.


Does China have a grand strategy? 

  • We analyze China’s global ambitions from the South China Sea to the Belt and Road Initiative and its implications for its neighbors and the United States.


The rise of China and the future of international business

  • We assess Chinese state-led companies and how their strategic planning and government support are changing the nature of competition. 

Advisory services

We provide regular guidance to our clients. 

The Atlas Global Trend Tracker

GTT Image.png
  • The Atlas Global Trend Tracker follows the trends that matter to understand events in their proper context, to provide a clearer, forward looking view. 

  • Clients gain insight on how trends and developments are likely to impact specific sectors via regular in-person monthly briefings via an annual subscription.

Tenth Man Advisory

TMA Image.png
  • The Tenth Man Advisory service provides a counter-consensus perspective and critical thinking on complex geopolitical and macro economic topics. 

  • Clients gain insight from an analysis taken by the opposing side, which exposes key assumptions and highlights internal analytical biases in a series of briefings or collaborative seminars.


Bespoke projects

  • Scenario planning: Potential alternative futures with key drivers and themes, and their implications.

  • Red team assessments: Focused analysis on a  topic to defend a specific hypothesis or provide a counter-consensus position.

  • Due diligence: Detailed investigation of a specific question set with recommendations.

  • Country prioritization assessment: Market rankings combining quantitative and qualitative information - including Markets that Matter, Atlas Organization's premier outlook for manufacturers seeking to invest in the Asia-Pacific region.