Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning projects help clients’ long-term investment and planning strategies, providing key insight by analyzing the range of possible outcomes and implications.


  • Clients need to make long-term decisions but geopolitical events can have profound impact on their strategic plans.
  • Forecasting specific outcomes of geopolitical events and turning points with accuracy is challenging, but planning for a range of events helps clients prepare for change and manage uncertainty.


  • We identify key drivers and trends to adjust and parameterize to understand the range of possible outcomes for a given theme, country, or region.
  • Analyzing the combinations  of variables enables us to develop a range of likely possible scenarios.
  • Each scenario is analyzed in further detail, describing the implications to the client.


Scenario planning engagements provide clients with three primary deliverables:

1. A list of drivers and trends that serve as the foundation for the scenarios.

2. A prioritized list of scenarios, described in detail.

3. An analysis of the implications of each scenario to the clients strategy or investment plans.