Dr. Robert F. MacInnis


Dr. MacInnis is the Founder & CEO at AetherWorks, a software research and venture development firm based in Manhattan. AetherWorks is primarily engaged in the commercialization of promising intellectual property assets in the field of distributed computing, an area where Robert holds several patents. Robert’s present research activity spans fields from drones and augmented-reality through to ‘fog computing’, IoT/5G, and distributed artificial intelligence.

Dr. MacInnis additionally serves as a Partner at Blue Bear Capital, a venture capital firm focusing on fast-growing private companies that apply data-driven technologies to the global energy supply chain. He is responsible for overseeing elements of due diligence & portfolio company management, with a particular focus on software development and commercialization.

Robert received his Ph.D. and B.Sc. (Honours, First Class) in Computer Science from the University of St Andrews. He is an active member of the global tech industry, plays a contributing role in the OpenFog Consortium’s blockchain research group, and serves as a Member of the Board of Trustees of the University of St Andrews American Foundation.

Rob currently resides in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, together with his wife and daughter.