What we do:

Economic Competition with China is the most important disruptive force affecting U.S. and multinational companies, now and in the decade ahead.

  • Chinese companies are disrupting entire sectors across global markets.

  • Foreign companies are not achieving the success they hoped for in the Chinese market.

  • A new wave of Chinese “National Champions” is going global with government support, and gaining significant global market share.

  • The government’s policies, guidance, and support are essential to the success of Chinese firms.

Atlas helps our clients understand China and how to compete and win in key markets.

  • We help executives understand how competition from China is going to disrupt their sector and what management can do to protect and grow their business in contested markets.

Frequently asked questions by CEOs:

  • How can I anticipate disruption from China? What are the early warning signs?

  • How can I understand the root of the problem?

  • What can I learn from other sectors?

Executives need the Rapid Diagnostic.

  • Firms that don’t have an effective strategy to compete against Chinese competitors will be outmaneuvered.

  • Atlas has specialized knowledge and expertise on how Chinese firms compete because we understand the objectives and planning of the Chinese Communist Party.

  • Atlas understands China’s corporate “playbooks” across a dozen sectors.

  • Identifies government programs supporting Chinese firms in a specific sector.

  • Determines the nature of risk facing non-Chinese firms in the China market and beyond.

  • Identifies the conventional and unconventional strategies Chinese firms are employing with government support, in order to achieve their objectives.

  • A high-level assessment by Atlas can be completed in just one week.

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