Dr. Jonathan D. T. Ward

Dr. Jonathan Ward completed his D.Phil. at the University of Oxford, specializing in China-India relations. He has presented on Chinese military space and nuclear policy at the annual People’s Liberation Army Conference at the U.S. Army War College, lectured at the U.S. Naval Academy, the Naval Submarine League, and the Army and Navy Club in London, and presented on the rise of the Chinese and Indian navies at RUSI’s International Sea Power Conference. He has spoken on China-India relations at the Economic Research Council in London, the Oxford-India Centre for Sustainable Development, and the Institute of Chinese Studies in New Delhi, among other venues.

An American citizen, he studied Philosophy, Russian, and Chinese at Columbia University, and continued his language studies at Beijing University in China and St. Petersburg State University in Russia. He speaks Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic, consults on China-India relations and the Indo-Pacific, and has traveled extensively in Russia, China, India, and the Indian Ocean region. He is a member of the Energy Institute and the Economic Research Council in London, a Research Associate at the Changing Character of War Programme at the University of Oxford, and a graduate of the Oxford-Chicago Valuation Programme at Oxford’s Said Business School. He is the founder of the recently established Atlas Organization, a consultancy which advises on China, India, and their strategic interests.

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