due diligence

Due Diligence engagements provide clients with key insights that inform their investment or planning decisions.


  • Clients require an in-depth study of a particular issue to support a business case or provide guidance for strategic planning.


  • First we collaborate with the client to refine the set of questions the diligence is tasked to answer, followed by a recommend framework to guide our analysis.
  • Typically, we employ a bottom-up approach when conducting due diligence studies to confirm our understand of how events on the ground are unfolding.
  • Through our understanding of local dynamics we are able to construct an assessment of macro dynamics and properly analyze their implications.


  • Due to the unique nature of each diligence study, client deliverables are highly customized to answer specific questions.
  • Deliverables typically include the analytical framework used throughout the engagement, our analysis answering the questions raised in the study, and further recommendations for the client given the insights from the assessment.