We are conducting a survey of global companies with operations in China and India to gauge current perceptions and expectations of Made in China 2025 and Make in India.
The results of the survey are a core component of an internal study we are currently conducting.

Please submit your response before December 15th, 2017

Participants may submit a response for each country. 

If you wish to submit a questionnaire for each country, please complete the form for one country, click submit, and complete another form for the other country.

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1. Compared to other markets/countires in this study, is the country becoming more attractive to foreign investment? *
2. Is the government becoming more helpful and/or easier to work with? *
3. Are ‘local champion companies’ becoming more adversarial to foreign firms? *
4. Is your company planning additional investment in this country? *
5. Is your company planning additional investment in another country? *
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